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Poland’s Mesko works with Rafael to deliver Spike LR missiles for Polish Army

Photo: Rafael

The Polish Ministry of Defense, via the Armament Authority, revealed its procurement of hundreds of Spike LR missiles from Rafael’s local industrial partner Mesko.

In a new deal worth approximately $100 million, Poland-based Mesko continues its 20 years long collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD) to supply entirely “Poland-ized” missiles.

Working in conjunction with Rafael, this enduring partnership has empowered the Polish MoD to procure over 3,000 locally manufactured shoulder-launched Spike SR (Short Range) ATGM missiles since 2003.

Poland’s Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak recently revealed plans for procurement of “several hundred Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles” in the forthcoming years. However, the specific quantity and exact delivery date remain undisclosed at this time.

“We are proud to be building on our longstanding partnership with Mesko, and are confident that there will be more agreements in the future. Building bridges with industrial partners around the globe is part of Rafael’s global strategy, and here we see how those bridges enable collaboration and better defense for our friends and allies,” said Rafael’s executive vice president Dr. Ran Gozali, head of land & naval systems directorate.

According to Rafael, the 5th generation missile Spike LR is based on the Spike NLOS (Non-Line of Sight) weapon, with a 5.5-kilometer range. It has been acquired by 34 nations and can be used in multiple operation modes on land, air, and sea.

Rafael announced a new deal with Poland a few days after they received approval from the US to proceed with the sale of David’s Sling missile system to Finland. This procurement is expected to yield the company approximately 316 million euros.