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Lithuania provides Ukraine with maritime radar stations

Photo: Lithuanian MoD

The Lithuanian Navy delivered sets of maritime radar surveillance equipment to Ukraine, as reported by the country’s defense ministry on Wednesday.

In response to Kyiv’s request, the radar systems, as stated by the Lithuanian defense ministry, will bolster Ukraine’s maritime surveillance capabilities, enabling them to closely monitor the situation at sea.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said: “This aid will strengthen Ukraine’s maritime surveillance capability and enable better maritime awareness. The equipment will become an important instrument for Ukraine to protect its territorial waters and security of its people against the devastation of the Russian war.”

The ministry indicated that they were unable to divulge the financial details and the specific quantity of equipment being transferred.

In addition to the provision of equipment and gear, Lithuania extends support to the Ukrainian military, encompassing training programs, ongoing medical care and rehabilitation services for Ukrainian troops, expert-level consultations, and financial contributions to international funds dedicated to supporting Ukraine.

Also, Lithuania has recently allocated a new military assistance package totaling EUR 200 million, designated for the period spanning from 2024 to 2026, to bolster support for Ukraine.

Prior to this aid package, Lithuania signed a contract with the Norwegian company Kongsberg in June of this year for the acquisition of two NASAMS air defense system launchers, with delivery to Ukraine scheduled before the end of this year.