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Lithuania orders Thales GM200 radars, Saab’s robot system 70

Photo: Saab

Lithuanian Defense Material Agency signed agreements with Dutch procurement Agency COMMIT for Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact radars (GM200 MM/C) and with FMV for the joint acquisition of Saab’s Robot System 70 (RBS 70 NG).

According to Thales Netherlands, the Lithuanian-Dutch ministerial agreement facilitates collaboration in multi-mission radar maintenance, with potential future involvement of the Lithuanian defense industry in similar projects.

Valued at EUR 126.7 million, the project includes a logistical support package comprising technical documentation, operator and maintenance personnel training, spare parts, and system-specific instrument kits and testing equipment.

According to the manufacturer, the GM200 MM/C is designed for modern warfare, demonstrating capabilities in simultaneous detection, tracking, and classification of threats, including drones, due to its new-generation 4D AESA technology. Engineered for weapon location and air defense, the system’s automated features extend to handling aircraft, missiles, helicopters, UAVs, and RAM.

Its cyber-secure design integrates software-defined radar technology, allowing adaptation to evolving threats through future upgrades. With a compact design, the GM200 MM/C ensures swift transitions between fixed-location and high-mobility modes, facilitating rapid deployment across various platforms. The initial radar deliveries are anticipated in 2026.

Beyond the Thales radars, Lithuania has extended its procurement to include the RBS 70 NG Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) system, manufactured by the Swedish company Saab.

This agreement signifies an expansion of an existing joint procurement arrangement and marks a step forward in the strategic defense materiel cooperation between the two countries, stated Lithuanian MoD.

According to the manufacturer, the RBS 70 NG features 24/7 multi-target capability, establishing itself as a precise, reliable, and flexible GBAD system. With a range surpassing 9000 meters and a rapid deployment time of 45 seconds, it is supposed to ensure a swift and efficient response.

The manufacturer highlights the system’s integrated sighting system, operator aids, high-precision range, and unjammable laser guidance, positioning it as a solution that guarantees flexibility and scalability for evolving GBAD requirements. The system’s design allows its integration with various vehicles and has networked and remote-control compatibility.