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Draken Red Air for Royal Air Force

Draken begins Honey Badger red air services for Royal Air Force

A Draken Europe L-159E Honey Badger aircraft has delivered the first Operational Readiness Training sortie as part of the interim red air...
adversary F-16

Top Aces secures up to $178M to support US Air Force...

Top Aces, the world's sole commercial owner/operator of F-16 fighter aircraft revealed it received a contract as part of the US Air...
Exosonic adversary air drone for US Air Force

Exosonic taps AI specialist EpiSci for adversary air drone work

EpiSci is poised to deliver tactical AI technology for an unmanned adversary air drone Exosonic is developing for US Air Force.
Draken L-159E Honey Badgers in formation

Royal Air Force contracts Draken for Red Air services after Hawk...

The Royal Air Force has awarded Draken Europe a contract for the delivery of adversary air training services as an interim solution.
Blue Force Technologies Bandit UAV

US Air Force taps start up to develop new adversary air...

Blue Force Technologies will build up to four unmanned air vehicles that will support adversary air (ADAIR) training missions.
Top Aces F-16 adversary air training fighter

Top Aces’ F-16 flies with AAMS aggressor kit for first time

Top Aces is the first private company to secure approval to operate a fourth-generation fighter aircraft under a commercial license.
Adversary air training drone Exosonic

US Air Force contracts Exosonic for development of supersonic adversary drone

The UAV will help the pilot training mission by acting as a near-peer adversary fighter to challenge fighter pilots in live flight training.
Mirage F-1 adversary air training jet

Pilot dies in crash of contracted Mirage F-1 adversary jet at...

The aircraft was owned, operated and piloted by Draken US, a Florida-based company contracted to provide adversary air support to Nellis Air Force Base.
commercial F-16 adversary air training Top Aces

Top Aces first company to certify fourth-gen fighter for commercial ops

Top Aces concluded the milestone first commercial flight of an F-16 fighter in Mesa, Arizona, on May 18.
F-1 Mirage

ATAC starts adversary air training at US Air Force base Tyndall

US Air Force Base Tyndall has welcomed a unit of F-1 Mirage aircraft in support of an Air Combat Command mass training...

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