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Adversary air training drone Exosonic

US Air Force contracts Exosonic for development of supersonic adversary drone

The UAV will help the pilot training mission by acting as a near-peer adversary fighter to challenge fighter pilots in live flight training.
Mirage F-1 adversary air training jet

Pilot dies in crash of contracted Mirage F-1 adversary jet at...

The aircraft was owned, operated and piloted by Draken US, a Florida-based company contracted to provide adversary air support to Nellis Air Force Base.
commercial F-16 adversary air training Top Aces

Top Aces first company to certify fourth-gen fighter for commercial ops

Top Aces concluded the milestone first commercial flight of an F-16 fighter in Mesa, Arizona, on May 18.
F-1 Mirage

ATAC starts adversary air training at US Air Force base Tyndall

US Air Force Base Tyndall has welcomed a unit of F-1 Mirage aircraft in support of an Air Combat Command mass training...

ATAC lands $441M US Navy contract for adversary air training services

The US Naval Air Warfare Center has awarded Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. (ATAC) a $441.5 million contract for adversary air training services.
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