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Skynet 6A

Airbus and Northrop Grumman unite for UK Military Satellite program bid

Airbus and Northrop Grumman have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at advancing military...

Canada buying four new Airbus A330 MRTT tankers

In addition to buying new planes, Canada is also converting 5 A330s into the MRTT platform.

Hungary takes delivery of first two H225M multi-purpose helicopters

The Hungarian Defense Forces (HDF) received the initial two units of the contracted 16 H225M multi-purpose helicopters on July 24.

Airbus delivers 1st C295 maritime patrol aircraft to Irish Air Corps

Ireland welcomed the arrival of the first of two Airbus C295 maritime patrol aircraft at Casement Aerodrome on June 27.

Lockheed, Airbus pick GE engines for US Air Force’s XC-Y bridge...

Lockheed Martin and Airbus have announced the choice of GE Aerospace's CF6-80E1 engines for their LMXT strategic tanker proposal as part of...
First Canadian CC-330

First of Canada’s new “Air Force One” planes heading home

CC-330 is the designation for two former commercial A-330 aircraft which will be replacing the CC-150 Polaris as the "Strategic Tanker Transport Capability."

Royal Air Force receives final A400M aircraft

The Royal Air Force has received the 22nd Atlas C1 (A400M) transport aircraft, marking the conclusion of the delivery, development, and production...

India’s first C295 tactical transport concludes its maiden flight

India's maiden C295 aircraft completed its first flight, paving the way for delivery in the latter half of 2023.
A4000M remote carrier trial

Watch a German A400M launch a “remote carrier” as part of...

The German Air Force and Airbus, working with the German Aerospace Center DLR, and German companies SFL and Geradts, have jointly carried...

FCAS fighter jet program breaks deadlock with workshare agreement in place

The agreement will allow Germany, France and Spain to move to the next phase of Future Combat Air System (FCAS)

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