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Second UK aircraft carrier embarks F-35Bs, Army Apaches for first time

The F-35Bs and HMS Prince of Wales are carrying out sea acceptance trials which test the ship’s ability maintain near-continuous air operations.

UK buying US-built Joint Air-to-Ground Missile for its Apache helos

The decision to go for JAGM, instead of the Brimstone missile built at MBDA's UK plant, sparked criticism from UK defense experts.
Dutch Apache helicopter ahead of E-model remanufacture

Netherlands ships first 3 Apaches for AH-64E overhaul in the US

The Dutch Armed Forces have shipped the first three Apache helicopters to the United States, where they will be upgraded from the...

UK Apache helicopter accidentally opens fire at army base in Suffolk

A UK Royal Army Apache helicopter accidentally opened fire at the Wattisham Flying Station in Suffolk, several local media outlets have reported.
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