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AGM-183A ARRW on B-52

US Air Force’s long-awaited hypersonic ARRW flight test flops

The ARRW test missile did not complete its launch sequence and remained attached to the B-52H Stratofortress bomber during the test on April 5, 2021.
AGM-183A ARRW on B-52

First flight of AGM-183A hypersonic weapon to take place in next...

The ARRW booster test flight (BTF-1) will demonstrate the booster’s ability to reach operational speeds and collect other important data.
Captive-carry test flight of the ARRW prototype

US Air Force ready for ARRW hypersonic weapon test this week

The ARRW program is a boost-glide based hypersonic weapon, and is proceeding to flight tests after completing several captive carry trials.
Stratofortress with hypersonic weapon

US Air Force completes another ARRW hypersonic weapon test

The ARRW hypersonic prototype is set for its first booster test flight later this year.
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