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AT-6E Wolverine at Moody AFB

US Air Force gets two more AT-6Es for data link demos...

The Wolverines will be demonstrating and exportable and affordable data link called AERONet.
AT-6 Wolverine

Royal Thai Air Force orders 8 AT-6 Wolverine light attack turboprops

Thailand is becoming the international launch customer for the US Air Force's AT-6 light attack aircraft.

US Air Force receives its first AT-6 Wolverine

The US Air Force's Light Attack Aircraft Program Office has taken delivery of the first Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine light attack aircraft, the...

Tunisia cleared to buy AT-6C Wolverine light attack aircraft from...

The potential contract has an estimated value of $325.8 million.

US Air Force issues RfP for light attack aircraft

The US Air Force is buying a limited number of light attack aircraft after releasing final requests for proposal earlier this month.

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