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New B61-12 on B-2 Spirit bomber

B-2 bomber tests new B61-12 nuclear weapon guidance capability

The B-2 is the first to test a novel guidance system for the new B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb.

US declassifies B61 nuclear bomb documents ahead of deployment of new...

As the United States is preparing to deploy B61-12, the newest variant of the nuclear gravity bomb that has been in service...
F-35A releasing a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb

Watch US Air Force F-35As drop B61-12 nuclear bombs in recent...

After the US Air Force recently announced its F-35A fifth-generation fighter had completed its first full weapon system demonstration with the B61-12...
F-35A with guided B61-12 nuclear bomb

F-35A completes final flight test with B61-12 guided nuclear bomb

The US Air Force has come a step closer to receiving nuclear-capable F-35s after the aircraft's final flight test with B61-12 nuclear bomb.
F-35A releasing the B61-12 nuclear guided bomb from its internal bomb bay

US F-35A carries out supersonic drop-test of new B61-12 guided nuclear...

A US Air Force F-35A aircraft recently tested the deployment of a mock B61-12 guided nuclear bomb, marking its first release from...
F-15E deploying B61-12 bomb

US Air Force’s F-15E demonstrates compatibility with new nuclear bomb design

The US Air Force’s F-15E Strike Eagle jet fighter became the first aircraft to be certified with the mock B61-12 nuclear gravity...

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