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US, allies condemn North Korea-Russia arms transfers

In a joint statement, the United States and its allies condemn Russia's use of ballistic missiles sourced from North Korea, expressing shared...

Software-upgraded SM-6 missile intercepts medium range ballistic missile in latest MDA...

US Aegis destroyer intercepts medium range ballistic missile with new SM-6 SWUP missile
Hwasong-12 launch January 2022

North Korea launches IRBM over Japan

North Korea has launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) over Japan in its second launch of an IRBM this year.
North Korean missile launch 2022

North Korea launches ballistic missile as US carrier visits South Korea

North Korea carried out a short-range ballistic missile test on Sunday, shortly after the arrival of a US aircraft carrier in South...

India completes 2nd test of Pralay ballistic missile in as many...

India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has completed a second flight-test of the indigenous 'Pralay' surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

US Navy SM-6 missile fails to intercept ballistic missile target in...

A BMD-configured Aegis destroyer failed to intercept a ballistic missile target with two Standard Missile-6 Dual II (BMD-initialized) missiles.

Video: French SSBN FS Le Téméraire test-launches M51 ballistic missile

The French Navy's ballistic missile submarine FS Le Téméraire test fired an M51 strategic ballistic missile off Finistère on June 12, French...

US tests non-INF compliant ballistic missile

This test marked the second of a prototype conventionally-configured, ground-launched missile system since the US withdrew from the INF Treaty in August 2019.

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