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US Navy Blue Angels to bid farewell to Hornets in one...

The US Navy's Blue Angels will bid farewell to legacy Hornets in one final flight in the aircraft that will take place...
Blue Angels Fat Albert

Blue Angels’ new Fat Albert C-130J departs UK for the US

The C-130J was purchased by the US Navy from the UK defense ministry following the reduction in the size of the Royal Air Force Hercules fleet.
Super Hornet Hornet comparison Blue Angels

US Navy’s Blue Angels welcome their first Super Hornet jet

The US Navy's Blue Angels demonstration squadron has welcomed their first blue and gold F/A-18 Super Hornet at Naval Air Station Pensacola,...

Boeing delivers first Super Hornet to US Navy’s Blue Angels

The company says it would deliver a total of 11 Super Hornets to the US Navy's demonstration squadron in 2020.

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