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Golden Horde smart bombs communicating with each other

USAF Golden Horde collaborative weapons program enters Gladiator phase

The first colosseum simulation event is called Protovision and will pit industry majors against non-traditional gladiators.
US Air Force Golden Horde smart bomb swarm test

US Air Force completes final ‘Golden Horde’ smart bomb flight test

The US Air Force's Golden Horde Vanguard program says it has completed the three objectives of the final flight test of its...
US Air Force Golden Horde CSDB test

US Air Force’s smart bombs on target in second Golden Horde...

The second test of the collaborative small diameter bombs on February 19 followed a less successful one from December last year.
F-16 with four Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs, or CSDBs

US Air Force tests bombs that communicate with each other to...

The US Air Force recently tested small diameter bombs equipped with autonomy payloads that enable them to communicate with each other and...

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