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Middle East's first drone swarm technology

EDGE unveils Middle East’s first swarming drone concept

United Arab Emirates-based EDGE Group has unveiled its latest application for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in the form of swarming drones.

Watch drone swarms duke it out in DARPA’s final OFFSET test

Pentagon's top research agency DARPA hosted the final event of a program meant to test the feasibility of drone swarms at the...
drone-based M72 LAW

Nammo introduces drone-carried M72 light anti-tank weapon concept

Norway-based ammunition and rocket systems specialist Nammo has revealed a drone-mounted M72 concept after four years of work.

DARPA awards further drone swarm development contracts

DARPA's OFFSET program envisions swarms of up to 250 collaborative autonomous systems providing insights to ground troops as they operate in dense urban environments.

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