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F-35A with guided B61-12 nuclear bomb

F-35A completes final flight test with B61-12 guided nuclear bomb

The US Air Force has come a step closer to receiving nuclear-capable F-35s after the aircraft's final flight test with B61-12 nuclear bomb.

US Air Force activates first Europe-based F-35A squadron

The US Air Force's first F-35 squadron in Europe will consist of 27 aircraft and roughly 60 personnel.
Total number of F-35 fighters delivered to Israel

Israel receives additional F-35As, bringing total Adir fleet to 30

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has taken delivery of new F-35A fighters, rounding the number of the stealth aircraft in its fleet...

Royal Navy carrier duo reaches simultaneous F-35B ops milestone

The Royal Navy's aircraft carrier program has reached a new milestone, having both ships conduct simultaneous F-35B fast jet operations for the...

Video: US Navy continues MQ-25 tests with first F-35 unmanned refueling

The first refueling flight with the F-35C precedes a modification period that will prepare the T1 test asset for a shipboard demonstration this winter.

Pentagon, Lockheed agree F-35 upkeep deal worth up to $6.6B

The Pentagon has awarded Lockheed Martin annualized contracts for the sustainment of the global F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet covering fiscal years...
Written-off F-35A

A wrecked F-35A is starting a new life as a training...

US airmen from Hill Air Force Base in Utah are currently involved in transforming a condemned F-35A Lightning II into sectional training...
Australian F-35A taking part in Red Flag

Brand new Australian F-35s hone air dominance on Red Flag debut

After completing Red Flag, Australia's four newest F-35As will head home, bringing Australia’s fleet to 41 of 72 planned aircraft.
F-35 landing on RADR

US, Israeli air forces test new airfield repair mats in a...

F-35 jets used for the first time the matting and anchoring technologies used as part of the Air Force’s Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery (RADR) concept.
F-35C flown by VMFA-314 US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps achieves FOC for F-35C ahead of first carrier...

California-based Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314 has reached a new milestone in the US Marine Corps history by achieving full operational...
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