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Project Hydra

F-35s and an F-22 communicate via U-2 in second 5th-gen data...

Project Hydra marks the first time that bi-directional communications were established between 5th gen aircraft in-flight, according to Lockheed Martin.

F-35B fighters on carrier deployment will join Daesh strikes, UK MoD...

UK F-35B fighter jets operating from HMS Queen Elizabeth will join the UK defense ministry's mission to support the fight against ISIS.

US Marine Corps F-35Bs arrive in the UK for Big Lizzie’s...

US and UK F-35B fighter jets will form the largest 5th-generation carrier air wing in the world for the maiden deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth.
Israeli F-35s at Nevatim Air Base

Israel receives three new F-35s for its 116th ‘Lions of the...

The delivery on April 26 brings the total number of F-35 fighters Lockheed Martin delivered to the Israeli Air Force to 27.
F-35 Lightning II

US Air Force livestreams F-35 data to a commercial tablet for...

One of the first uses of tablet apps in F-35 cockpits will be to maximize pilot effectiveness in the suppression of air defenses mission.
Royal Danish Air Force F-35A handover ceremony

Royal Danish Air Force receives first F-35A

While officially becoming part of the Royal Danish Air Force, the F-35 will remain the US until 2023, where it will help train Danish pilots at Luke AFB.
F-22 Raptor and F-35 in formation

Tyndal to house three new F-35 squadrons following extensive storm damage

The first of the 72 F-35 aircraft that will be located at Tyndall AFB is scheduled to arrive in September 2023.
Royal Danish Air Force L-001 first flight

Denmark’s first F-35 takes off

The flight on Monday was the first of a total of four planned test flights.
New Australian F-35As at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Australia receives three more F-35s

The new aircraft are the first to join the fleet since the F-35A reached initial operational capability with the RAAF in December 2020.

US Air Force’s first overseas F-35A squadron gets its name

The US Air Force's first overseas-based F-35A Lightning II squadron has received a new nickname as it prepares to start operations from...
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