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US Navy stands up unmanned division, will send 4 drone ships...

This will be the first time medium unmanned surface vessels are joining the world's largest naval maneuver.

Ghost Fleet Overlord drone ships join US Navy fleet

The US Defense Department’s Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) officially transitioned the Ghost Fleet Overlord Program to the Navy Program Executive Office, Unmanned...

Watch an unmanned US Navy ship launch an SM-6 missile at...

An unmanned vessel from the US Navy's Ghost Fleet Overlord program recently launched an SM-6 missile from a modular launcher installed aboard...

Ghost Fleet Overlord unmanned vessel completes Pacific transit

Ghost Fleet Overlord vessels are facilitating the US Navy's maturation and development of unmanned surface vessel concepts of operation.

A Ghost Fleet autonomous ship took part in a US Navy...

The Ghost Fleet Overlord program is part of an effort to accelerate the navy's push to incorporate autonomous vessels within its fleet to expand the reach of manned vessels.

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