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AGM-183A ARRW on B-52

US Air Force’s long-awaited hypersonic ARRW flight test flops

The ARRW test missile did not complete its launch sequence and remained attached to the B-52H Stratofortress bomber during the test on April 5, 2021.
Captive-carry test flight of the ARRW prototype

US Air Force ready for ARRW hypersonic weapon test this week

The ARRW program is a boost-glide based hypersonic weapon, and is proceeding to flight tests after completing several captive carry trials.
Minuteman III test launch

L3Harris to build prototype satellite for tracking of hypersonic missiles

The US Missile Defense Agency has awarded L3Harris Technologies a $121.6 million contract to develop and deliver a prototype satellite capable of...

US partners with Australia on air-breathing hypersonic technologies

The defense departments of Australia and the US announced today they are starting a bilateral effort to advance the development of air-breathing...

Pentagon funds creation of a “university consortium for applied hypersonics”

The US Department of Defense announced it would award Texas A&M University’s Engineering Experiment Station $20 million per year over a 5-year...
India's hypersonic demonstrator vehicle test

India shares footage of Mach 6 hypersonic demonstrator test

India has carried out what it says is a successful test of the country's locally-developed hypersonic technology demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV).
HAWC hypersonic weapon illustration

US completes captive carry tests of two HAWC hypersonic weapons

The two HAWC variants were designed and developed by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies

Rolls-Royce invests in hypersonic engine specialist Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce have entered into a new strategic partnership agreement to develop high-speed aircraft propulsion systems. The...
Minuteman III

US Air Force accidentally releases potential hypersonic nuclear weapon plans

US defense department officials continue to say that hypersonic capability is limited to non-nuclear weapons.
Stratofortress with hypersonic weapon

US Air Force completes another ARRW hypersonic weapon test

The ARRW hypersonic prototype is set for its first booster test flight later this year.
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