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MDA picks three to develop hypersonic missile interceptors for US destroyers

GPI will intercept hypersonic weapons in the glide phase of flight, which occurs once a missile has re-entered Earth's atmosphere.
US Missile Defense Agency Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor satellites

Northrop’s hypersonic missile tracker for MDA passes critical design review

Northrop Grumman says it recently completed the critical design review of the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) prototype for the...

US Army, Navy complete joint hypersonic flight tests

The US Navy's Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) and the Army's Hypersonic Program Office (AHPO) completed what they referred to as a "high...
hypersonic glide body (C-HGB)

Pentagon awards 3-year research gig to hypersonics university consortium

A total of 18 projects will advance the state of applied hypersonics research while building the hypersonics-focused scientific and industrial workforce.
Lockheed Martin hypersonic weapon illustration

Lockheed opens new hypersonic systems production facility

Lockheed Martin has announced the opening of an advanced production facility in Courtland, Alabama, which will focus on hypersonic strike production.
Hwasong-8 launch

North Korea claims it tested new Hwasong-8 hypersonic missile

North Korea says it tested a newly-developed hypersonic missile in the morning of September 28, in Doyang-ri, Ryongrim-gun, Jagang Province.
HAWC first free flight test

US Air Force completes first free flight test of HAWC hypersonic...

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Air Force completed a free flight test of the Hypersonic Air-breathing...
SCIFIRE contracts for Boeing and Lockheed Martin

USAF awards contracts to Boeing, Lockheed for SCIFIRE hypersonic weapon program

The US Air Force has awarded Boeing and Lockheed Martin competing contracts for work on the US and Australian SCIFIRE hypersonic cruise...

US Navy tests hypersonic weapon’s second stage rocket motor

The US Navy's Strategic Systems Program (SSP) completed a successful test of the second stage solid rocket motor (SRM) for the Navy’s...
Hermeus Quarterhorse

Hermeus partners with US Air Force to secure $60M for its...

Hermeus secured $60 million to complete flight tests on its Quarterhorse hypersonic aircraft and the proprietary turbine-based combined cycle (TBCC) engine.
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