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Minuteman launch

Rocket explosion foils Pentagon’s test of re-entry vehicle for new ICBM

The Minotaur rocket launch was intended to support test efforts for the Mk21A re-entry vehicle for the US Air Force's future LGM-35A Sentinel ICBM.
Hwasong-17 ICBM launch on March 24, 2022

North Korea launches suspected ICBM towards East Sea

North Korea carried out a launch of a long-range missile on March 24 that landed 170km off north Japan.
Minuteman III ICBM launch in August 2021

US tests Minuteman III ICBM three months after aborted launch

The August 11 test follows a less successful one from May this year, when the air force was forced to abort the Minuteman III missile launch.

China building second nuclear missile silo site, FAS

After reports of China's first nuclear missile silo field emerged in June this year, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has identified...

Aegis destroyer intercepts ICBM with SM-3 missile in milestone test

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and US Navy sailors aboard destroyer USS John Finn (DDG-113) intercepted and destroyed a threat-representative intercontinental...

US Air Force contracts Northrop Grumman for next-gen ICBM work

The $13.3B contract is for the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase of the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program
Minuteman III ICBM launch

US conducts third Minuteman III ICBM launch of 2020

The US Air Force has carried out the third test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile this year.
Minuteman III

US Air Force accidentally releases potential hypersonic nuclear weapon plans

US defense department officials continue to say that hypersonic capability is limited to non-nuclear weapons.

US completes tests of all three legs of nuclear triad in...

The tests were completed in early February.

US Navy tests Trident II from ballistic missile submarine USS Maine

This launch marks 177 successful missile launches of the Trident II (D5 & D5LE) strategic weapon system (SWS).

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