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Cyprus buying Israel’s Iron Dome, report

The Cypriot defense ministry has approved the purchase of the Israeli-developed and built Iron Dome air defense system for its National Guard,...

Israel completes “C-Dome” live-fire trials on new Sa’ar 6 corvette

The Israeli defense ministry says it has wrapped up the first series of live-fire trials of C-Dome, a new variant of the...

US Army deploys Iron Dome to Guam for air-defense drill

The US Army noted it currently doesn't plan to conduct a live fire of the system while it is on Guam for the experimental deployment.

US Army’s Iron Dome put through first live-fire trial at White...

The trial marked the first time US soldiers intercepted live targets with the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel delivers second Iron Dome battery to US Army

The Israeli Missile Defense Organization delivered the second of two Iron Dome batteries to the US Army this weekend.

US Army stands up two Iron Dome batteries at Fort Bliss...

The US Army has activated two Iron Dome batteries at Fort Bliss, Texas, to test the possibility of integrating the Israeli-built system...

US Army receives first of two Iron Dome batteries from Israel

The US Army has officially taken delivery of the first of two Iron Dome batteries from the Israeli defense ministry.

Raytheon, Rafael set up JV for Iron Dome production in the...

US-based Raytheon Technologies and Israel's RAFAEL have signed a joint venture to establish an Iron Dome weapon system production facility in the...

US Army set to start Iron Dome testing in 2021

The army said the batteries will go through initial testing on American soil before the short-range air defense system can be fielded to army formations.

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