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US, Israel begin Mediterranean Sea live-fire drill with 140 aircraft

Armed forces from the United States and Israel kicked off exercise Juniper Oak 23.2 in Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on...

Israel picks Oshkosh Defense to build hulls for its new Eitan...

The Israeli defense ministry has selected Oshkosh Defense as the preferred supplier of hulls for the Israeli Army's new Eitan armored personnel...

Israel test launches Gabriel 5 anti-ship missile from Sa’ar 6 corvette

One of Israel's brand new Magen-class Sa'ar 6 corvettes has completed first live-fire trials with the Gabriel 5 anti-ship missile.
Arrow 3 launch

Germany picks Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system

Germany is said to have chosen Israel's Arrow 3 over Lockheed's THAAD missile defense system.
Arrow 3 for Germany

Germany in talks with Israel for Arrow 3 missile defense system...

Germany is discussing a possible purchase of the Israeli-developed Arrow 3 missile defense systems, the heads of the two states confirmed following...
KC-46A Pegasus

Boeing nets $3.1B for KC-46A tankers for US Air Force, Israel

The orders will see Boeing deliver 8 airframes to US Air Force and four to the Israeli Air Force.

Cyprus buying Israel’s Iron Dome, report

The Cypriot defense ministry has approved the purchase of the Israeli-developed and built Iron Dome air defense system for its National Guard,...

Israel launching trials of new unmanned combat vehicle

Israel's defense ministry revealed on Monday it would begin trials of a newly-developed robotic unmanned vehicle (M-RCV medium robotic combat vehicle), unveiling...
Rafael Iron Beam Israel

Israel completes live trial of Iron Beam laser interceptor

Iron Beam is expected to become part of Israel’s multi-layered defense array.

BIRD Aerosystems to develop ATGM defense system for Israeli Army

The Israel defense ministry’s Directorate of Research and Development (MAFAT) has awarded BIRD Aerosystems a contract to demonstrate a prototype of a...

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