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Dutch buying Israeli rocket launch systems, Tomahawk and JASSM-ER missiles from...

The Dutch defense ministry is buying PULS rocket launchers for the army, Tomahawk missiles for the navy and JASSMERs for the air force.
B-2 Spirit JASSM-ER launch

US Air Force B-2 bomber launches JASSM-ER missile in covert test

B-2 launched its first (JASSM-ER) in a previously undisclosed flight test in December 2021.

Australia fast-tracks $3.5B purchase of JASSM-ER, Naval Strike Missiles

The Naval Strike Missile will replace the Harpoon anti-ship missile in the Anzac-class frigates and Hobart-class destroyers.
JAASM-ER launch from C-17A

USAF releases JASSM-ER missiles in major test of Rapid Dragon arsenal...

The air force is progressing towards a live-fire test with a JASSM-ER missile from a cargo aircraft before the end of 2021.
LRASM missile platforms

Lockheed gets $842M for JASSM-ER, LRASM missile production

Lockheed Martin will deliver the missiles for both the US navy and air force.
JASSM-ER on F-16

Lockheed receives $818m for JASSM-ER production

The company is to deliver a total of 790 missiles under the contract.

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