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US Space Force payload launch on LauncherOne

US launches 6 space missions in single day

The events included the first satellite missions for the Space Development Agency as well as the first Pentagon launch to use VOX Space’s “LauncherOne”.

US Space Force launching first satellites on VOX Space’s LauncherOne in...

The launch in June will be the first time the Pentagon is using VOX Space’s “LauncherOne” air-launch system, which deploys from a modified 747 aircraft.
LauncherOne deploys from the customized 747-400 aircraft dubbed Cosmic Girl

Virgin’s LauncherOne reaches space on second launch attempt

The Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket reached space during the company’s second launch demonstration on January 17, successfully deploying 10 payloads for NASA’s...

US Space Force awards contract for satellite launch services

The STP-S28 mission will provide orbital launch services for the Pentagon' Space Test Program.

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