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Danish Air Force Joint Strike Fighter

Denmark shares photos of its first F-35 taking shape

Denmark's defense ministry has shared a photo of what is starting to resemble its air force's first F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Lockheed gets $181m for sonars for Danish, Indian MH-60R helicopters

The US Naval Air Systems Command has awarded Lockheed Martin a $181.7 million contract for the delivery and integration of airborne low...
Canada Super Hornet

Three bidders submit proposals for Canada’s future fighter

The three companies still in the race to deliver new fighter jets to the Royal Canadian Air Force have submitted their official...
Indago UAS

Switzerland buys Indago small UAS from Lockheed Martin

Armasuisse has awarded Lockheed Martin (LMT) a contract for the delivery of a fleet of Indago 3 small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS),...

Fincantieri starts construction of US Navy’s 29th littoral combat ship

Fincantieri Marinette Marine has marked the start of construction on the US Navy's future USS Beloit (LCS 29), the 15th Freedom variant...

Japan cleared for $23bn buy of 105 F-35 fighters

The purchase includes 63 F-35A and 42 F-35B STOVL aircraft.

US approves Taiwan’s Patriot missile system overhaul

The US State Department has approved an estimated $620 million worth of repair and update works on Taiwan's Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3)...

Australia contracts Lockheed for tactical air defense radar system upkeep

The Australian government has signed a new five year contract with Lockheed Martin Australia for ongoing sustainment of the tactical air defense...

Australia confirms A$800m Long Range Anti-Ship Missile acquisition

The AGM-158C LRASM is a significant upgrade from Australia's current AGM-84 air-launched Harpoon anti-ship missile.
Falcon9 with US Space Force GPS III satellite

SpaceX launches US Space Force’s third GPS III satellite

Following separation from its rocket, the satellite is using onboard power to climb to its operational orbit, approximately 12,550 miles above the Earth.
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