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US Navy buys two XQ-58As from Kratos for “drone killer” project

The US Navy has awarded Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems a $15.5 million contract for the delivery of two XQ-58A unmanned aerial systems...
South Korea ADD loyal wingman project

South Korea taps Korean Air for homegrown loyal wingman development program

South Korea's Agency for Defense Development (ADD) selected Korean Air as a preferred bidder for its project to develop a fleet of...

US Navy Super Hornet demonstrates manned-unmanned teaming capability

The Block III Super Hornet demonstrated MUM-T capability by controlling three UAVs during a series of recent flight tests.

Manned-unmanned teaming is going to sea, HII demo shows

The demonstration involved having an unmanned sub approach and be captured by the Pharos cradle, while Pharos was being towed behind a simulated amphibious ship at low speed.

US Navy, Marines test manned-unmanned teaming for helicopter strikes

US Marine Corps and the US Navy teamed up recently to test the use of manned-unmanned teaming technology to coordinate helicopter strikes.
Blue Force Technologies Bandit UAV

US Air Force taps start up to develop new adversary air...

Blue Force Technologies will build up to four unmanned air vehicles that will support adversary air (ADAIR) training missions.

Israel’s Elbit demos drone swarm ISR capability to Dutch Army

Israel-based defense technology company Elbit Systems has demonstrated an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability based on heterogeneous autonomous drone swarms to...
BQM-34 loyal wingman

Raytheon introduces new MUM-T loyal wingman capability

Raytheon recently unveiled its own solution for a "loyal wingman" capability in a joint test with the Pentagon's Strategic Capabilities Office in...

Video: US Navy continues MQ-25 tests with first F-35 unmanned refueling

The first refueling flight with the F-35C precedes a modification period that will prepare the T1 test asset for a shipboard demonstration this winter.
Avenger MUM-T

GA-ASI demos manned-unmanned teaming with Avenger UAS

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) completed an airborne manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) demonstration on August 25, pairing a company-owned MQ-20 Avenger with a...

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