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US Army taps Stratom to deliver unmanned wingman for its robotic...

The US Army has awarded autonomous ground vehicle and robotic system developer Stratom a contract to deliver an unmanned system that will...

In a first, US Army soldiers train against ‘enemy’ robot vehicles

US Army soldiers recently integrated a robotic combat vehicle (RCV) surrogate into the opposing force for the first such training event ever.

US Army receives all robotic combat vehicle prototypes ahead of major...

The US Army has taken delivery of all light and medium RCV prototypes, which will now be prepared for a company-level MUM-T experiment in 2022.

US Army fires first missiles from surrogate robotic combat vehicle platform

The US Army is experimenting with the Project Origin surrogate RCV platform concurrently with running a number of RCV procurement programs.

Estonia’s Milrem introduces new Type-X robotic combat vehicle

The robotic combat vehicle is envisioned as a de-facto replacement for an infantry fighting vehicle.

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