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US Marine Corps begins fielding new explosive ordnance disposal robot

The US Marine Corps Systems Command began fielding an amphibious, unmanned robot system for littoral operations in September this year.

Spanish Navy buys Leopard ROV for NATO submarine escape and rescue...

The ROV will provide the Spanish Navy with diving support capabilities and will help the navy complete Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office tasks.

Dutch Navy becomes first European customer for Saab’s Sea Wasp ROV

The Dutch Defence Material Organisation (DMO) has awarded Saab Seaeye a contract for the delivery of the Sea Wasp remotely operated vehicles...

Lithuania orders further K-STER mine clearance ROVs from ECA Group

The Lithuanian Navy has contracted French company ECA Group for the delivery of further K-STER mine disposal vehicles. This...

Poland orders Saab Double Eagle ROVs for Kormoran minehunters

The Polish Navy is set to receive the Double Eagle remotely operated vehicle systems for mine countermeasure operations from Swedish defense company...

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