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Australian Growler

US clears single Growler for Australia to replace one lost in...

The Royal Australian Air Force is getting a new EA-18G Growler to replace the one lost in an engine blowout in the US, in 2018.
Poseidon P-8A RAAF

Australia completes Poseidon P-8A MPA upgrade program

The Royal Australian Air Force's fleet of Poseidon P-8A maritime patrol aircraft has completed a program of modifications in South Australia.
SCIFIRE contracts for Boeing and Lockheed Martin

USAF awards contracts to Boeing, Lockheed for SCIFIRE hypersonic weapon program

The US Air Force has awarded Boeing and Lockheed Martin competing contracts for work on the US and Australian SCIFIRE hypersonic cruise...
Australian F-35A taking part in Red Flag

Brand new Australian F-35s hone air dominance on Red Flag debut

After completing Red Flag, Australia's four newest F-35As will head home, bringing Australia’s fleet to 41 of 72 planned aircraft.
Australian magpie Hornet

Australian Air Force unveils Hornet in bold magpie livery

This is the last commemorative Classic Hornet paint scheme before the No. 75 Squadron transitions to the F-35A next year.

Australian C-27J Spartans taking up HADR role

The Australian defense ministry said it is enhancing support for humanitarian disaster relief, crisis response and regional engagements by redefining the role...
English Electric Canberra medium bomber flying again in Australia

Australian Electric Canberra bomber flies again after 10-year hiatus

The Royal Australian Air Force operated 48 of the jet-powered English Electric Canberra bombers from 1951 to 1982.
EA-18G Growler with NGJ-MB

US Navy clears its new mid-band jammer for low rate production

The NGJ-MB system is an external jamming pod that will address threats using the digital, software-based and AESA technologies.
RAAF F-35A with full weapons loadout

Australian F-35As fly with full weapons loadout for first time

The Australian Air Force F-35A duo performed the flight with a full complement of weapons during exercise Arnhem Thunder 21.
MQ-9 Reaper

Australia requests 12 MQ-9B Sky Guardians for around $1.65B

Australia has requested to buy up to 12 MQ-9B Sky Guardian MALE RPAS under a potential $1.65 billion deal.
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