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Dutch buying Israeli rocket launch systems, Tomahawk and JASSM-ER missiles from...

The Dutch defense ministry is buying PULS rocket launchers for the army, Tomahawk missiles for the navy and JASSMERs for the air force.

After axing Mercedes deal, Dutch military picks Vector LTV as interim...

The Dutch defense ministry has awarded Dutch manufacturer Defenture a contract for the delivery of 41 Vector light tactical vehicles to the...

The Netherlands sells GM200 MM/C multi-mission radars to Norwegian Army

The Norwegian and Dutch defense procurement agencies have entered into an agreement under which the Netherlands would buy multi-mission radars for Norway.

Elbit to deliver Iron Fist active protection systems for Dutch CV90s

BAE Systems Hägglunds, the company in charge of delivering the mid-life upgrade for the Dutch Army fleet of CV90 armored vehicles, has...

Dutch MoD contracts BAE Systems for CV9035NL mid life upgrade

The Netherlands defense ministry has signed a contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the mid-life upgrade of 122 CV9035NL combat vehicles.

The Netherlands buying more Excalibur precision munitions from Raytheon

The latest potential purchase comes after the Netherlands became the second European Excalibur lb customer after Sweden in 2015.

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