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Germany, Norway begin construction of new Type 212CD submarines

German and Norwegian defense ministers Boris Pistorius and Bjørn Arild Gram jointly initiated the construction phase of the binational Type 212CD submarine...

US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier visits Oslo, prompting Russia’s discontent

USS Gerald R. Ford is the first US aircraft carrier visit to Norway in 65 years.

Norway buying specialized Combatant Craft Medium from the US

CCM is already utilized by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), specifically the US Navy SEALs

Kongsberg gets $27M for Norwegian Skjold-class corvette upgrade work

Norway's defense procurement agency FMA has awarded Kongsberg a contract to deliver upgraded combat systems for the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Skjold-class corvettes.

Norway cancels NH90 contract, will return helos, demand money back

Norway still hasn't received all 14 NH90 helicopters it ordered over 20 years ago.

US carrier Harry S. Truman deploys with Norwegian frigate in its...

This is the first time a Norwegian warship is undertaking a cooperative deployment with a US carrier strike group.

Norway’s new tanker underway again after technical issues on maiden deployment

HNoMS Maud was forced to spend two weeks in Portsmouth due to integrated platform management system issues.

After JSM deal, Norway contracts Kongsberg for Naval Strike Missile deliveries

The Norwegian defense ministry has awarded Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace two contracts worth 1,426 million krone (approx. $169M) for the delivery of...

Norwegian tanker ‘Maud’ starts maiden deployment 3 years after delivery

The Royal Norwegian Navy's new fleet tanker finally began its maiden deployment on Monday after overcoming a number of issues since its...

Norwegian frigate underway for first ever deployment with a US carrier...

In the next 8 months, HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen will become the first Norwegian warship ever to fully integrate with a US aircraft carrier strike group.

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