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US Navy’s first ever submarine commander will command ballistic missile sub

Lt. Cmdr. Amber Cowan became the US Navy's first ever submarine commander as she became executive officer (XO) of one of the...

Royal Navy boomer HMS Vanguard redelivered to fleet after 4-year delay

The lead boat of the Royal Navy's Vanguard-class ballistic missile-armed submarines - HMS Vanguard - rejoined the fleet on July 16 after...

US Navy lays keel for first Columbia-class SSBN

Prior to the keel-laying event, the US Navy revealed that the lead boat of the Columbia-class will be named USS District of Columbia (SSBN 826).

USS Alabama becomes third Ohio-class boomer to reach 100 deterrent patrols

USS Alabama also celebrated its 36th birthday since commissioning May 1985, during the milestone patrol.

NNSA completes first upgraded warhead for sub-launched nukes after 11 years...

The W88 Alt 370 program is an update of the W88 warhead design, which was first deployed in 1988 and is currently deployed on Ohio-class submarines.

Video: France tests M51 submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM)

First deployed in 2010 as a replacement for the M45 SLBM, the M51 is now carried by all four ballistic missile submarines in French Navy service.

Watch 3 Russian ballistic missile subs simultaneously surface in the Arctic

Three Russian Navy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines broke through ice up to 1,5 meters thick to surface simultaneously near the North Pole...

France kicks off program to develop next generation of ballistic missile...

First submarine developed under the SNLE 3G program is scheduled for delivery in 2035.

French ballistic missile sub Le Terrible docks for life-extension overhaul

The French Navy's ballistic nuclear submarine (SSBN) Le Terrible has arrived in dock 8 of the Brest naval base to continue its...

US marks 60 years of submarine nuclear deterrent patrols

The US Navy is celebrating 60 years of strategic deterrent patrols as November 15 marked the start of the ballistic-missile submarine force's...

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