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USS Abraham Lincoln completes overhaul after record deployment, starts trials

During the overhaul, USS Abraham Lincoln received upgrades to combat systems and crew living, as well as retrofits to accommodate F-35 aircraft.

Leidos delivers second Sea Hunter medium USV to US Navy

Leidos delivered Seahawk to the US Navy three years after delivering the lead medium USV - the Sea Hunter.

US Navy lays keel for Arleigh Burke destroyer Harvey C. Barnum,...

DDG 124 is the 73rd ship in its class and a Flight IIA Technology Insertion (TI) destroyer equipped with Aegis Baseline 9.

France to lead La Perouse naval exercise with the Quad in...

A French helicopter carrier and a frigate will be leading the multinational exercise La Perouse in the Bay of Bengal, which will...

Eisenhower carrier strike group enters Middle East after Suez Canal transit

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first US warship to pass through the Suez Canal since it reopened on March 29.

Boeing gets $1.6B US Navy deal for another 11 P-8A submarine...

The US Navy awarded Boeing a $1.6 billion production contract on March 31 for the construction and delivery of an additional 11...

US dock landing ship USS Fort McHenry bows out of service...

USS Fort McHenry is the first ship in its class to retire. It entered service in 1987.

USS Arleigh Burke heads for new European homeport with new kit

USS Arleigh Burke will replace USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) as one of four forward deployed naval forces (FDNF) destroyers located in Spain.

US Navy receives first Block V Tomahawk missile

Block V Tomahawks feature a navigation/comms upgrade that maintains the capability for in-flight target updates and improved navigation.

JLTV debuts at sea with USS Iwo Jima ARG deployment

This is the first officially confirmed deployment of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle with an East Coast MEU.
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