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Royal Marines seeking stealthy USV for surface and sub-surface ops

The UK defense ministry has released a request for proposals for a new unmanned surface and subsurface vessel (USSV) for the Royal...

Watch an unmanned US Navy ship launch an SM-6 missile at...

An unmanned vessel from the US Navy's Ghost Fleet Overlord program recently launched an SM-6 missile from a modular launcher installed aboard...

US Navy funds conversion of catamaran transport to an autonomous vessel

Austal will integrate and demonstrate autonomous capability on the 13th Spearhead-class ship, which is currently under construction.

Watch a Turkish unmanned combat vessel destroy target with laser-guided missile

The ULAQ USV launched a Cirit laser-guided 70 mm missile for the first time during sea trials as part of the large scale DENIZKURDU exercise.

A Ghost Fleet autonomous ship took part in a US Navy...

The Ghost Fleet Overlord program is part of an effort to accelerate the navy's push to incorporate autonomous vessels within its fleet to expand the reach of manned vessels.

French Navy trials Drix USV for hydrographic missions

The French Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic service recently carried out a test campaign with iXblue’s DriX unmanned surface vessel (USV) and its...

US Coast Guard wraps up unmanned vessel testing campaign

The US Coast Guard has completed a 30 day demonstration and evaluation of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) off Oahu.

US Navy picks L3 Technologies to develop medium USV prototype

The US Navy has awarded to L3 Technologies a $34.9 million contract to develop a single medium unmanned surface vehicle (MUSV) prototype,...

BMT introduces pentamaran unmanned platform

UK-based naval designer BMT has released details of a new ‘pentamaran’ autonomous multi-mission platform. The company says the vessels...

UK buying MANTAS USVs for Royal Navy, Joint Forces Command

The UK MOD intends to explore the potential military advantage of this capability.
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