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Sunken US WW2 submarine Albacore (SS 218) located off Hokkaido, Japan

Albacore was one of the most successful submarines against enemy combatants during World War II.
A-10 Thunderbolt II in WWII paint scheme

US Air Force unveils heritage Thunderbolt paint scheme for A-10

The historical paint scheme was designed to celebrate the 124th Fighter Wing's 75th anniversary and their lineage to the WWII era 405th Fighter Squadron.
Crashed B-17 bomber damages

Pilot error likely cause of fatal WWII B-17G bomber crash

The B-17G "Flying Fortress" crashed at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Oct. 2, 2019, during a “living history flight experience" flight.

USS Johnston, world’s deepest shipwreck re-located 6,4km below surface

The ship's hull number “557” is clearly visible and two full 5” gun turrets, twin torpedo racks, and gun mounts are still in place on the superstructure.

German WWII cruiser Karlsruhe discovered near subsea cables in North Sea

The wreck of the sunken German World War II cruiser Karlsruhe has been discovered 490 meters below sea level near subsea cables...

WWII submarine USS Grayback found off Japan

Sunken World War II submarine USS Grayback, the final resting place of 80 sailors, has been found 1,427 feet below the surface,...

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