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Denmark orders additional Caesar 8×8 artillery systems

Caesar 8x8
Photo: Nexter

Denmark’s defense procurement agency has awarded French company Nexter a contract for the delivery of additional four Caesar 8×8 artillery systems, bringing the total number of the systems on order to 19.

The initial 15 units are scheduled for delivery by the summer of 2020 while the subsequent four are to be delivered in 2023.

The agency noted that the first two systems passed their test firings at the Swedish Karlskoga range. They have now returned to France to be prepared for additional tests and training that will take place in spring at the Danish Army Combat and Fire Support Centre in Oksbøl.

Coinciding with the proof-firing in Sweden, the cab of the Caesar 8×8 was put through mine tests in Germany. The cab was subjected to two different types of blasts. Although wheels and suspensions were obviously damaged, the test dummies survived, clearing another hurdle on their path to delivery.

In addition, the high-speed cameras in the cab showed how loose objects are in practice transformed into projectiles, showing the importance of everything being properly secured.x

According to specifications, the 12.3-meter system is air transportable and fits into A400, IL76 or C17 military transport aircraft.

The system’s 155mm caliber gun can fire rounds at a rate of 6 per minute to ranges of over 40 and over 50 kilometers, depending on whether it is an extended range full bore or a rocket-assisted projectile.

It also comes with a ballistic computer that is adaptable to fire control systems.