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Italy contracts CIO for further Freccia IFV deliveries

Illustration. Photo: Italian defense ministry

The Italian defense procurement agency has awarded the CIO Consortium a contract for the delivery of additional 30 Freccia 8×8 infantry fighting vehicles to the Italian Army.

The contract, awarded in late December 2019, will see the consortium composed of OTO Melara and Iveco deliver 5 IFVs in combat configuration and 25 in anti-tank configuration.

The Freccia is an 8×8 that was first ordered in 2006 and entered service in 2009. Freccia has three steering axles, a two-man “HITFIST” turret with the 25 mm or 30 mm cannon as well as the associated fire control system and a range of sighting systems, and command, control and communications systems by Leonardo.

A coaxial 7.62 mm MG is standard while a mount for an external 5.56/7.62 mm MG is available if required. In the anti tank configuration, the turret can be fitted with two anti-tank guided missile systems, with two missiles are ready to fire in external launchers and 8 missiles stowed in the hull.

The latest contract makes use of funds allocated in the tri-ministerial convention between the ministries of defense, economic development and finance, allocating around 1.5 billion euro to the Freccia project through to 2032.