Home Air US strikes Kata’ib Hizbollah sites after Camp Taji attack

US strikes Kata’ib Hizbollah sites after Camp Taji attack

F-16 multi-role fighter
Illustration: US Air Force file photo of an F-16 multi-role fighter over Iraq

US forces have started retaliatory strikes against Kata’ib Hizbollah (KH) facilities across Iraq in response to the Camp Taji attack that killed two US and one UK service member.

As announced by Pentagon, the strikes targeted five weapon storage facilities used by the Iranian-backed Shia militia believed to be behind the deadly attack on March 11.

“These strikes were defensive, proportional, and in direct response to the threat posed by Iranian-backed Shia militia groups (SMG) who continue to attack bases hosting OIR coalition forces,” the Pentagon statement read.

The attack on Camp Taji was the latest in a series of rocket attacks conducted by Iranian-backed SMGs against US and coalition personnel – killing five and wounding dozens more, including Iraqi Security Forces.

“The United States will not tolerate attacks against our people, our interests, or our allies,” Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper said. “As we have demonstrated in recent months, we will take any action necessary to protect our forces in Iraq and the region.”

According to media reports, the US strikes on March 12 were carried out by manned US aircraft and targeted, in addition to the Kata’ib Hizbollah, other militia groups in Baghdad, Babylon and Karbala.