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C-130J simulator

US Air Force receives new reconfigurable C-130J simulator

The US Air Force's Simulators Division of the Agile Combat Support Directorate within AFLCMC has acquired a new C-130J simulator which will...
KC-135 ABMS Link 16 test

KC-135 test flight showcases Link-16 resiliency for ABMS role

The KC-135 continues clearing hurdles on its path to become one of the critical nodes in the service's future Advanced Battle Management System.
US Air Force refueling aircraft fleet

US Air Force probing market for “bridge tankers” to supplement KC-46As

The US Air Force is launching the bridge tanker program to acquire commercial derivative tanker aircraft to supplement its KC-46A fleet.
KC-10 Extender refueling A-10 Thunderbolts

Red Flag Alaska 21-2 welcomes allies after COVID-19 disruptions

After last year's mini-scale and two cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Flag-Alaska 21-2 is in full swing and will run through June 25.
Final OC-135 retirement

US Air Force retires final Open Skies OC-135 aircraft

The US Air Force retired its final OC-135 Open Skies aircraft after withdrawing from the post Cold War treaty in November 2020.
THOR counter UAS system

Here’s how US Air Force’s THOR destroys drone swarms, in theory

The US Air Force developed the THOR directed energy weapon system to counter the increasing threat posed by enemy drones and other airborne threats.
Kitty Hawk Heaviside eVTOL aircraft

US Air Force, Kitty Hawk complete first medevac evolution with electric...

Kitty Hawk's Heaviside is the first electric aircraft to join an operational exercise under US Air Force's Agility Prime program.
Rocket Cargo Vanguard

Logistics via rockets becomes US Air Force’s fourth Vanguard program

Rocket Cargo will explore the possibilities of leveraging new commercial rocket capabilities for the Pentagon's logistics missions.
BACN platform in Afghanistan

US Air Force awards Bombardier $464M contract for six BACN aircraft

The contract provides for the delivery of up to six Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft fitted with the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node by 2026.
Jolly Green II CSAR helicopter

CAE to develop VR trainer prototype for US Air Force’s new...

CAE will develop a virtual reality/mixed reality (VR/MR) aircrew trainer for the US Air Force’s new HH-60W combat search and rescue helicopter.
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