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Greece receives MK-V Special Operations Craft from US Navy

Mark V Special Operations Craft in Greece
Photo: Greek defense ministry

The Hellenic Navy’s special warfare Underwater Demolition Command (DYK) has taken delivery of former Mark V Special Operations Craft acquired from the US Navy in 2018 through the excess defense article program.

The four craft arrived in Greece this month and were unveiled to the public at the Salamis Naval Station on April 10. The craft are scheduled to go through an inspection and activation procedure before entering service.

Earlier this month, the Hellenic Navy was also bolstered by a multi-role supply ship that was donated by the Greek shipowner Panos Laskaridis.

Built by VT Halter Marine, the Mark V is a 25-meter boat that entered service with the US Navy SEALs in 1995. Used as an insertion and extraction platform, the Mk-V has a V-shaped for high speed and stability in rough weather. In addition to gun mounts that provide 360 degrees of firing coverage, the boats also feature a MANPAD station for defense against aircraft.

Greek defense minister Panos Kammenos said in 2018 that the Mark V boats would be handed over to Greece free of charge. Greece was only to pay for the costs of transferring the boats to Greece.

Apart from Greece, other foreign operators of the Mark V include the Kuwait Naval Forces, which ordered ten units in 2009. In 2013, the US cleared a potential sale of 30 boats to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. It is not clear whether the contract was ever finalized.