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USS Ronald Reagan sports new CANES tactical afloat network after Japan upgrade

USS Ronald Reagan
US Navy file photo of USS Ronald Reagan

The US Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) Enterprise has completed a major upgrade with the installation of a new baseline of the consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services (CANES) on aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76).

The upgrade, which was completed on April 1, took place in Japan, the carrier’s forward-deployed country.

The CANES program is the navy’s next generation tactical afloat network. It represents the consolidation and enhancement of five shipboard legacy network programs to provide a common computing environment for more than 40 command, control, intelligence and logistics applications.

To meet changing warfighter requirements, technical experts across NAVWAR enterprise worked together to deliver CANES hardware version 1.2 and software version 3.0 (HW 1.2/SW 3) to Reagan, strengthening network infrastructure, improving security, reducing the existing hardware footprint and decreasing total ownership costs.

CANES HW1.2/SW3.0 provides an afloat, modern data center utilizing hyper converged infrastructure and software defined storage along with a new systems management suite that significantly improves usability and sustainability for the fleet.

“This updated CANES baseline addresses end of life issues from previous hardware and software baselines as well as providing improvements to systems management, cybersecurity and resiliency. With an updated architecture and infrastructure, we have enabled a major fleet improvement that includes increases in compute, storage, memory and network performance from previous baselines,” said John Pope, acting PEO C4I and Space Systems executive director.

“The Reagan installation employed several innovative techniques for shortening the installation time, said Susie Hartzog, NIWC Pacific department head for communications and networks.

“This included pre-installing several of the shipboard applications in a San Diego facility prior to shipment to Japan, as well as deploying a pre-built and reusable temporary local area network infrastructure on the Reagan, allowing for the rapid migration of existing data.”