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Small business lands 10-year upkeep deal for US Air Force C-21 fleet

Photo: US Air Force

The US Air Force presidential and executive airlift directorate has awarded a ten-year $330 million contract to Akima Logistics Services to provide organizational and depot level maintenance and other support actions required for operating and maintaining the aircraft, aircraft subsystems, and support equipment of the air force’s C-21 fleet.

From Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, Akima will complete a transition with the current contractor, reviewing maintenance and supply operations and preparing to take over responsibilities in order to ensure a seamless transition. Akima will then be fully responsible for supporting the C-21 starting Jan. 1, 2021.

Akima’s responsibilities include providing aircraft maintenance services, supply and management of all government owned and contractor owned spares and repairables, launch and recovery of the aircraft at main operating bases and deployment operating locations, as well as mobilizing anywhere in the world to repair and maintain the aircraft, said Matthew Tonay, contracting officer in the directorate.

The C-21 program office began acquisition planning and source selection actions early to ensure there was no break in support to the warfighter.

“Due to efficient and forward thinking, we completed the source selection well in advance of the need for contract award,” said Brig. Gen. Ryan Britton, program executive officer for the presidential and executive airlift directorate and source selection authority for the C-21 sustainment contract. “Because we were able to finalize the contract award early, the team ultimately saved the taxpayer $18 million in Fiscal Year 2020.”

The C-21 is a twin turbofan-engine aircraft used for passenger and cargo airlift, and medical evacuation missions. It can carry up to eight passengers and 42 cubic feet of cargo.

There are currently 19 aircraft in the air force fleet.