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Netherlands places order for over 200 military quads

Defenture military quad
Photo: Dutch defense ministry

The Dutch defense ministry has finalized a contract with military vehicle manufacturer Defenture for the delivery of 249 military diesel quads.

The parties signed the contract, which will include maintenance and spare parts supplies, on August 6. The vehicles, which are not modified civilian variants but military specification quads, are to arrive between 2023 and 2024. They will be fitted with a multi-fuel diesel engine, and be air-transportable both in and under a Chinook transport helicopter.

According to company specifications, the tactical army diesel 4×4 has a range of 600 km and a payload of 545 kg.

The new vehicle was initially intended for use by Dutch special operation forces in mission areas, however, the defense ministry has now expanded the user group to include army marine corps units.

The quads are not the first vehicles Defenture is delivering to the Dutch Armed Forces. The company recently completed the delivery of VECTOR (versatile expeditionary commando tactical off road) vehicles to Dutch special forces.