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US Coast Guard issues RFI for polar security cutter landing craft

US Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter
VT Halter Marine graphic if the Polar Security Cutter design

The US Coast Guard has released a request for information (RFI) ahead of a planned procurement of polar landing craft (PLC) that will support operations of the service’s new heavy icebreaker, the polar security cutter.

Through the RFI, the Coast Guard is seeking information on potential parent craft designs available in the marketplace and how ice requirements would be incorporated into those designs.

The landing craft, which are expected to be capable of transiting at least 100 nautical miles with six personnel onboard, will be deployed from the polar security cutter that is being developed by VT Halter Marine under a contract from April 2019.

The PSC program envisions the acquisition of up to three multi-mission PSCs to recapitalize the USCG’s fleet of heavy icebreakers. Should all three vessels be built, the contract with VT Halter Marine would be worth $1.9 billion. The first ship delivery is scheduled to occur in 2024, the second in 2025 and the last delivering in early 2027.

According to company specifications, the PSC is 460 feet long and has a beam of 88 feet overall, along with a full load displacement of approximately 22,900 long tons at delivery. The propulsion will be diesel electric at over 45,200 horse power and readily capable of breaking ice between six to eight feet thick. The vessel will accommodate 186 personnel comfortably for an extended endurance of 90 days.

Responses to the landing craft RFI are due September 2020. More information on the specifications and other details can be found here