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Swedish Army takes delivery of 100th upgraded CV90 combat vehicle

Swedish Army's upgraded CV90 combat vehicle
Photo: FMV

The Swedish defense procurement agency (FMV) has taken delivery of the milestone 100th CV90 combat vehicle that has been upgraded by HB Utveckling AB, a joint venture between BAE Systems Bofors AB, part of BAE Systems Weapons Systems, and BAE Systems Hägglunds AB.

With 100 CV90s delivered to the Swedish Army, there are 188 more to be delivered as part of a contract signed in 2016.

Combat Vehicles 90 in six different variants are receiving a new command support system as well as a renovation and upgrade of subsystems. The vehicles are receiving an overhauled chassis and upgrades to their survivability and turrets. The upgrades will result in an increased lifespan of the vehicles.

BAE Systems Bofors is responsible for system integration while BAE Systems Hägglunds is handling mechanical and chassis upgrades. Development, verification and production take place at each company with final integration and delivery at Bofors for all variants, except the armored recovery variant, which is being delivered from Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik.

Serial deliveries of the upgraded vehicles began in 2019 and will continue until 2022. According to FMV, the Swedish armed forces also started training on the rebuilt CV90s in August this year.

The Swedish Army has a fleet of 509 CV90s. Other countries currently using the vehicle are Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

The vehicles first entered Swedish Army service in the 1990s and have been continuously upgraded ever since.