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Germany buying GBU-54 precision-guided bombs for Eurofighter jets

Laser JDAM GBU-54
Photo: Boeing

The German defense procurement agency (BAAINBw) has awarded Diehl Defence a contract for the delivery of Boeing-developed GBU-54 precision-guided bombs for the German Air Force Eurofighter aircraft.

The air-to-surface weapon, equipped with the conversion kit “Laser JDAM” (Joint Direct Attack Munition), has previously been delivered for German Tornado aircraft, but this is the first time the munition will be flown by the country’s Eurofighters.

Through the combination of INS/GPS navigation, laser seeker and target designation, GBU-54 can engage stationary and mobile targets.

Germany intends to buy 2,290 guidance kits and 910 bombs for around 213 million euro.

First units are supposed to be delivered by November 2021. The delivery will presumably cover 48 months, Diehl Defence said, adding it would work with Rheinmetall Defence and JUNGHANS Defence as component suppliers for the now commissioned reprocurement.

The follow-on contract comes after a 2018 agreement between Boeing and Diehl with regard to procurements of GBU-54 weapon systems in Germany. In cooperation with US defense contractor Raytheon, Diehl already provided the German Air Force with precision ammunition GBU-24 and GBU-48 in the past.

The GBU-54 will soon be added to the inventory of bombs flown by the Eurofighter. German defense ministry file photo