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Video: US Navy continues MQ-25 tests with first F-35 unmanned refueling

The first refueling flight with the F-35C precedes a modification period that will prepare the T1 test asset for a shipboard demonstration this winter.

Sikorsky-Boeing hand in early FLRAA proposal to US Army

The Sikorsky-Boeing team announced on September 7 they submitted their Defiant X proposal for the US Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA).
Qatari F-15 fighter jets

Boeing unveils Qatari F-15QA Ababil fighters

In collaboration with the US Air Force and Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF), Boeing celebrated the naming and rollout of Qatar’s advanced...

MQ-25 unmanned tanker refuels US Navy E-2D in second milestone flight

The MQ-25 carrier-based refueling drone has achieved another milestone with the first aerial refueling flight with an E-2D aircraft
KC-46 refueling operations

Japan’s first KC-46 flies maiden refueling test

The first KC-46A tanker Boeing built for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) recently refueled another KC-46A aircraft in the skies over...
Norwegian poseidon P-8

Norwegian P-8A Poseidon submarine hunter takes to the skies for first...

The Poseidon will undergo additional testing before final delivery to the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) later this year.

Indian Navy receives milestone 10th Poseidon P-8I MPA

India currently has 14 airframes on order and is eyeing a purchase of additional six P-8I submarine hunters.
KC-46 Pegasus limited refueling operations

US Air Force clears KC-46 tanker for limited refueling ops

The US Air Force has given its green light for the KC-46A Pegasus tanker to start limited refueling operations with the centerline drogue system.
Norwegian Air Force P-8 Poseidon

Norway’s first P-8A Poseidon rolls from production line

Norway's first P-8A aircraft – Vingtor – will now return to the factory floor to be prepared for flight testing; and delivery later this year.

Australian Army welcomes first two of four new CH-47F Chinooks

The two Chinooks arrived in Australia on July 7 just three months after the purchase was approved by the US State Department.
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