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Boeing nets $1.9B to build 184 Apache attack helicopters

Apache attack helicopter
Photo: Boeing

The US Army has awarded Boeing a $1.9 billion contract to build 184 AH-64E Apaches for the US Army and international customers.

The award brings the total current funded value of the contract to $2.1 billion, and has the potential to increase to more than $3.8 billion with future obligations.

This contract will include the first Apaches for Australia, which revealed in 2021 it would buy the Apache as its new armed reconnaissance helicopter. Later that year, the US State Department approved the sale of 29 Apaches for the Australian Army for an estimated $3.5 billion.

“We are enhancing the US Army’s attack fleet, while supporting additional partner nations and welcoming our newest Apache customer, the Australian Army,” said Christina Upah, vice president of Attack Helicopter Programs and senior Boeing Mesa site executive. “This contract highlights the need for Apaches worldwide.”

The US Army will receive 115 remanufactured Apaches, with an additional 15 Apaches to be procured as options. The additional 54 aircraft will be delivered to partner nations as part of foreign military sales.

The Apache AH-64E variant features multiple upgrades compared to earlier models, such as the improved Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision System (MTADS/PNVS). This system includes a new integrated infrared laser that allows for easier target designation and enhanced infrared imagery which blends both infrared and night vision capabilities. The E-model also has an updated Small Tactical Terminal radio that includes the LINK 16 capability required to communicate in a joint environment.

“This multi-year contract is critical for the warfighter and the entire Apache team,” said Col. John (Jay) Maher, U.S. Army Apache project manager. “It demonstrates the Army’s commitment to continue putting unmatched capability into the hands of our nation’s finest, while providing stability and predictability for the outstanding citizens and companies that pour their talent into producing the best attack helicopter in the world.”

Boeing Global Services will continue to deliver optimal readiness for the warfighter including training devices, spare provisions, support and test equipment kits, depot support, field engineering and technical manuals. Major advantages in the technical publication area allow for a streamlined process approach to re-use data which reduces operational and sustainment costs.

Under the first multi-year contract, signed in 2017, Boeing delivered 244 remanufactured Apaches to the Army and 24 new-build aircraft to an international customer.