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Germany procures 60 Chinooks, fleet service boats, airborne vehicles for troops

Chinook helicopter offer for Germany
Chinook in German Air Force livery. Photo: Boeing

Germany is set to acquire 60 Chinook helicopters from Boeing at an estimated price of 8 billion euros ($8.7 billion), along with fleet service boats, and airborne vehicles for troops, as announced by Germany’s Budget Committee.

The July 5 Budget Committee meeting addressed Bundeswehr procurement projects, including “three key initiatives to strengthen collaboration with partners and enhance troop capabilities for national and alliance defense”.

As part of the discussed procurement projects, the acquisition of 60 CH-47F Chinook heavy transport helicopters from the US has been authorized. The Bundeswehr will receive the “Block II Standard Range” variant, which includes the capability for aerial refueling.

The approved budget comprises several components, including 6.27 billion euros for the purchase of the CH-47 helicopters, 700 million euros for service-related expenses, 240 million euros for national contracts, and 750 million euros for infrastructure development, as per previous reports.

Scheduled between 2027 and 2033, the new Chinook helicopters will replace Germany’s existing CH-53G fleet.

Additionally, the budget committee has granted approval for the amendment contract regarding the acquisition of three class 424 fleet service boats. This progress signifies the transition from the design phase to the contractual implementation phase of the project.

The total value of the order is estimated to reach 3.26 billion euros and their purpose is to replace the existing class 423 fleet service boats. The delivery is scheduled between 2029 and 2031.

The committee also approved the procurement of up to 3,058 highly mobile, all-terrain, all-wheel-drive wheeled vehicles, along with necessary accessories.

“These are highly mobile, all-terrain, and all-wheel-drive wheeled vehicles that will transport soldiers, equipment, armament, ammunition, and material, thus making the airborne forces on the ground more mobile,” stated the Bundeswehr.