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Textron, Shield AI to collaborate on artificial intelligence for unmanned systems

Ripsaw robotic tank
Photo: Textron

Textron Systems Corporation announced it will be working with California-based artificial intelligence (AI) software company Shield AI on developing AI technology for unmanned systems.

The two sides will be cooperating on proof-of-concept work to integrate Shield AI technology into Textron Systems’ air, land and sea unmanned systems.

“Shield AI is delighted to announce this collaboration with Textron Systems, a leading defense technology company known for its advanced unmanned systems and hardware,” says Ryan Tseng, Shield AI Co-Founder and CEO. “We are excited to innovate together and believe this marks a significant moment on our path to achieving our mission and delivering AI for maneuver at scale.”

Founded in 2015, Shield AI is focused on operationalizing AI for maneuver by enabling systems to operate on the edge in denied environments. The collaboration with Textron is not the first time the company is working on the defense market. The company has previously worked on prototype software for a navy unmanned system as part of a Pentagon Defense Innovation Unit project.

“We are continuously enhancing our autonomous platforms to meet stated and anticipated future requirements for our customers. We look forward to collaborating with Shield AI on this shared priority,” senior vice president Wayne Prender of Textron Systems commented. “Working with US Department of Defense customers since the 1980s to provide unmanned systems, we understand how these technologies extend the capabilities of our warfighters, while keeping them at a safe standoff distance.”