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Robot dogs could follow cues from soldier’s brains, Australian trial shows

The trial showed that soldier's brain waves could control robot dog's moves.
Exosonic adversary air drone for US Air Force

Exosonic taps AI specialist EpiSci for adversary air drone work

EpiSci is poised to deliver tactical AI technology for an unmanned adversary air drone Exosonic is developing for US Air Force.

Israel picks IAI as prime contractor for Carmel smart armored vehicle...

The Carmel AFV promises to introduce a significant upgrade in the field of AFV development, thanks to the integration of AI and autonomous systems.

Israel’s Elbit unveils ARCAS AI-enabled rifle optic

Israeli defense technology company Elbit Systems has unveiled a new device that promises to turn assault rifles into digital networked combat machines.

Pentagon, Israel stage indoor navigation challenge for unmanned systems

Organizers expect to see innovative use of AI, drones and ground vehicles that can negotiate complex obstacles, such as tunnels or collapsed structures.
Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program

Shield AI buys dogfighting AI developer Heron Systems

Heron Systems' artificial intelligence obliterated an F-16 pilot, as well as other AI systems, in a simulated dogfighting tournament organized by DARPA.

UK Royal Navy trials artificial intelligence for missile defense

Although the Royal Navy has carried out experiments with AI before, this is the first time it’s been tested against live missiles.
NORAD assets from the US Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force fly in formation

NORAD test connects all combatant commands with AI-driven information

GIDE2 gathered all 11 combatant commands to test decision aids that harness AI and machine learning to rapidly bring information to decision makers.
Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program

DARPA plans to have AI fly an actual plane in a...

Calspan is modifying the first L-39 full-scale jet trainer that will be piloted by AI in live-fly team dogfights in late 2023 and 2024.
AI co-pilot on U-2 Dragon Lady

AI flies a US Air Force plane for first time ever

A U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane flew with artificial intelligence as a working aircrew member onboard on December 15, marking the first...

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