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SAFE Boats gets $20M to build first two MK VI patrol boats for Ukraine

Mark VI boats
US Navy file photo of Mark VI boats underway in formation

The US Naval Sea Systems Command has awarded SAFE Boats International a $19.97 million contract to start construction of two MK VI patrol boats for Ukraine.

According to the contract notice, the boats are to be delivered by December 2022.

The January 5 contract announcement for the first two boats comes some seven months after the US State Department approved Ukraine’s purchase of up to 16 boats for an estimated cost of $600 million.

In addition to the boats, Ukraine also expressed interest in MSI Seahawk A2 gun systems, electro-optics-infrared radar, MK44 cannons and other equipment.

Specifically designed to patrol riverine and littoral waters, the Mark VI patrol boats are already in service with the US Navy as part of the expeditionary combat command’s fleet of combatant craft.

The ship-transportable 25-meter boats are reconfigurable for a variety of missions and can support deployment of unmanned surface and aerial vehicles. They have a range of over 600 nautical miles and can embark a total of 18 personnel, including crew.

The Mark VI patrol boats would complement Ukraine’s 23-meter Gyurza-M patrol boats, six of which are currently in service with the Ukraine Navy. A further 14 units are planned for construction.

US Navy file photo