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Israel’s IAI secures $100M in loitering munition orders in Asia

HAROP naval version munition
HAROP loitering munition system. Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced on Monday the closing of three separate contracts for deliveries of ROTEM VTOL tactical loitering munitions and land and naval versions of the HAROP missile system to Asian customers.

The company did not reveal which countries ordered the systems, saying only the three separate contracts had a combined value of over $100 million USD.

“These contracts are further proof of the importance and confidence modern armies place in accurate munitions systems as part of their arsenal, and may be harbingers of additional business activity in this field,” Boaz Levy, IAI’s President and CEO, commented.

The maritime HAROP system provides an operational solution for a range of vessels, from offshore vessels to fighting frigates in the naval theater. The system gives mission commanders in a fleet of ships the capability to independently and organically collect intelligence, assess targets and strike.

The intelligence gathered by the HAROP is directly integrated in the vessel’s control room and allows for quick decision-making. Use of the HAROP on naval platforms is an operational alternative and complementary element to using sea-sea missiles. The system carries day/night cameras and has the ability to search, find and attack both static and moving targets, on land or at sea and at a long-range.

The ROTEM VTOL munition is capable of carrying a 1-kilogram warhead.

ROTEM is the first vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) tactical loitering munition based on a drone platform. The system provides a reconnaissance, observation and attack envelope and can be used by a single fighter from a touchscreen tablet. It can carry a warhead weighing up to one kilogram and is optimally designed to carry out combined missions of intelligence gathering and attack.

IAI offers additional loitering munitions systems, including the Harpy-NG – a third generation of the system homing against radiating targets, the Mini-Harpy, dual (Electro-optical day and night + anti-radiation seeker) tactical advanced munitions system and the tactical loitering Green-Dragon system.